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Every gadget has a story. A new publication from Medium about consumer technology.

Why your home needs some RGB LED magic

One of the more charming features of my new house in the San Francisco Bay Area is a series of three recessed lighting nooks that adorn the main staircase. Each is about a foot wide and four feet tall, with a lit-up glass bottom. It feels like they should be in a museum or some ancient temple, each holding a precious artifact that Indiana Jones can swoop in and steal.

When my family moved in, I resolved to do something cool with the nooks. Using home automation gadgets, I ended up turning them into an app-controlled, seasonally-themed RGB LED light…

Windows 11 is coming, and Microsoft is quietly signaling that you should get ready

As Microsoft plans to usher in the next major edition of Windows (ostensibly Windows 11), it’s also quietly preparing to show the door to its 6-year-old Windows 10 operating system.

That news, which Microsoft certainly didn’t make news (no press release that I could find), was discovered by Windows platform watchers like Paul Thurrott on a Windows Lifecycle page that now lists October 14, 2025, as the Windows 10 “Retirement Date.” That’s roughly 10 years since the launch of the Windows edition that revitalized the brand after the magnificent stumble of Windows 8.

Out of context, this is shocking news…

This week in car news

As Covid restrictions ease up and the world gets back to some sort of version of normal, automakers are making sure that as we cruise into the Vaxx Summer of… well not love.. maybe just fun, we’re all reminded that buying a car is freedom and freedom is for sale at your local dealer.

The cheap and awesome Ford Maverick

One of the worst-kept secrets in a while, the Ford Maverick was finally unveiled and with a starting price hovering around $20,000 for a front-wheel-drive hybrid unibody compact pickup, it looks like Ford might have a winner on its hands.

Sure people love the big trucks…

Getting there first is, apparently, not everything.

There’s a scene in The Social Network, where one of the cofounders of HarvardConnection — arguing over whether or not to sue Mark Zuckerberg for stealing their website idea — makes a claim that is often taken as a sacred truth in real life.

Divya Narendra: We know he stole our idea, we know he lied to our faces for a month and a half.
Cameron Winklevoss: No, he never lied to our faces.
Divya Narendra: Okay, he never saw our faces. Fine. …

Your iPhone’s probably gonna like this

Apple’s iOS 15 could be the iPhone operating system’s most subtle update in years. It’s also potentially the most impactful, making significant and much-needed changes to web browsing, mapping, notifications, and intelligence-aided search.

Here’s the stuff I’m jazzed about.

New Maps

Finally, an example of AR that’s all sustenance, no fluff

Aside from a couple of cool apps — IKEA Place comes to mind — and a handful of interesting games, examples of Augmented Reality have been a little underwhelming, with many of the apps released to date becoming pointless after the initial “whoa, how cool is this?!” reaction wears off.

In fairness, this comes with the territory when new technology and capabilities are being adopted. Many companies are making apps to showcase what can be done, not necessarily what should be done.

The problem is that most examples are all fluff, no sustenance.

Step forward Me@Walmart

On June 3rd, Walmart announced its All-in-One…

Not every family has multiple iPads and sharing one can be a one-way ticket to awkwardville.

Apple had a commercial once that showed a child using an iPad Pro in fun places like at a shop and up a tree then exclaiming, “what’s a computer?” Yeah, it was a weird flex for a company that makes and sells quite a lot of computers. The general theme was that the iPad Pro is capable of doing most of the things a computer can do and in some cases, do it better because of the touchscreen. Then kids will use and forget all about those pesky computers the olds have been using for decades.

But even with…

A hardware-free Apple WWDC21 is about sharing, health, your data, and local intelligence

Apple is bringing so many good and necessary changes to all its major platforms that it seems almost unfair to say Monday morning’s Worldwide Developers Conference keynote left me a little underwhelmed.

There are a lot of announcements, including some big ones like Siri on third-party devices and your Driver’s License in Apple Wallet. However, there was no Apple Silicon, M1-level moment. In fact, M1 got little more than a few mentions, without any details on future Apple Silicon platform enhancements. How, for instance, might macOS Monterey take advantage of the M1 architecture? …

All this and ridiculously more in this week’s car news

Remember the BMW i3? It’s a quirky little EV from BMW that looks like the automaker just put a concept car on the road and told the world to deal with it. It’s wonderful and weird and totally underpowered for America’s vast highway system overflowing with large SUVs and mighty pickups.

Well BMW is back with two new (and larger) EVs, the i4 sedan and the iX SUV. Both will be available at the beginning of next year and both will target a range of 300 miles. …

Apple’s annual developer event promises updates to all OSes and maybe one new one

Consumers get excited about all of Apple’s big launch events, the ones where the Cupertino tech giant unveils a passel of new products intended to brighten their days, improve their lives, and help them get more done.

I like them, too but the real juice comes from Apple’s annual, information-packed Worldwide Developers Conferences (WWDC). This is where Apple charts the roadmap, not for just current and future products, but the software and code that underpins all of it.

Look at it this way:

  • The iPhone is just a slab of metal and glass without iOS.
  • Apple TV is a black…


Every gadget has a story. A new publication from Medium about consumer technology.

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