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An Ode to the Code: 2021 Was the Year of the QR Code

A bright spot in the year of overwhelming tech

A QR code menu with a table number card and a face mask
“Going to the restaurant in Mallorca in times of Covid-19: face mask and contactless menu with QR code” by verchmarco is licensed under CC BY 2.0

There, on the table, stood a tiny, laminated card with a QR code. On one side, it said “Menu” — on the other, “Drinks.” When we got the bill, at the bottom it said “No need to tip! We’ve included a service charge, just scan the code and pay.” Each time I scanned it, I warmed up to the QR codes…




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Jamie Cohen

Digital culture expert and meme scholar. Cultural and Media Studies PhD. Internet studies educator: social good, civic engagement and digital literacies

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