Apple iPad Pro 12.9 5th Generation Review: Say Hello to the Laptop Killer

Up close with Apple’s ultimate M1-based tablet

Apple’s iPad Pro 12.9 with keyboard and Pencil is really a high-performance laptop. Photos: Lance Ulanoff

Same yet different

The 1.5-pound iPad Pro 12.9 features four speakers and a Thunderbolt USB-4 port.
The iPad Pro 12.9’s s mini-LED-based Liquid Retina XDR display is a first for Apple.

M1 inside

Apple’s M1-based iPad Pro’s benchmarks are in line with other M1-based systems.

Take a shot

I used the iPad Pro’s 10 MP ultra-wide camera on the left and 12 MP wide lens on the right.
The app 3D Scanner uses the iPad Pro’sLiDAr scanner to create 3D objects and surfaces.
The iPad Pro’s TrueDepth Module includes a 12 MP ultra-wide camera capable of Portrait Mode photography.
I could not get away from Apple’s Center Stage.

Doing it all

The Apple Pencil makes for a perfect and precise photo-editing tool in Lightroom for iPad.
Drawing on the big Liquid Retina XDR screen is pure pleasure.

Magic Keyboard

iPadOS 14.5 is ready to multitask.

A worthy investment

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