BMW Shows Off the EV i4 and iX, Ford is About to Unveil a Hybrid Compact Pickup, and Toyota Introduced Another Small SUV

All this and ridiculously more in this week’s car news

It’s a 4-Series but with a big ol’ battery. Source: BMW

Ford’s next pickup will be compact and hybrid and have a car’s name

Toyota introduced another small SUV

A Corolla for folks that want more room. Source: Toyota

More Toyota SUV news, but this time with electrons

Finally, a new SUV from Toyota. Source: Toyota

Ok, one more bit of Toyota news: The likely very awesome 2022 BRZ, I mean GR 86

Save the manuals! Source: Toyota

Fiat is going electric, again

Gimme! Source: Fiat

Nissan’s Ariya EV falls victim to the chip shortage

Delayed because computer chips is a weird new normal for cars. Source: Nissan

Kawasaki is doing all the green things

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