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How I Transformed My iPad Into the PC Gaming Device of My Dreams

Play ‘Doom Eternal’ on your iPad and forget all about the real hell that awaits you outside

Playing a video game on an iPad with keyboard.
Photos courtesy of the author.

When the coronavirus started to spread, I bought two things for which I should never escape ridicule: nine packages of Dude Wipes — 432 wipes in all, out of concern that I might never see toilet paper




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Please stop infantilising your users.

The bit in Indiana Jones & the Last Crusade where the Nazi drinks from the Holy Grail only it’s not actually the Holy Grail and he ends up aging and becoming a withered skeleton. It Me. I know, I should use the beach that makes you old or some other more recent meme, but I wouldn’t get those BECAUSE I’M OLD YOU SEE.

How Coronavirus Could Derail High-Profile Tech Product Launches in 2020

3 Important Digital Transformation Trends in 2022

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A disturbing depiction of the digital revolution

IoT (Internet of Things)

Remote Work 2 Years Later: What We’ve Learned

How To Avoid Tax-Season Scams

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