You Can Still Use a Pager in 2021

How a Raspberry Pi will help you resurrect this classic communications device

POCSAG — The Messaging Protocol

10101010101010101010101010101010 - Preamble
01111100110100100001010111011000 - Frame Synchronization Code
01111010100010011100000110010111 - Idle codeword
00000000000100110101111000111111 - Address + Function Bits + CRC
10010101101000111001001111111100 - T E S (7 bit/symbol)
11001010100000000000001111100011 - T . .
01111010100010011100000110010111 - Idle codeword

Buying A Pager

Sending The Messages


echo -e "1000001:MESSAGE TEST" | sudo ./pocsag -f "465198000" -b 3


./RemoteCommand 7642 page 1000001 "MESSAGE TEST"

GNU Radio

Configuring The Pager


Python and IoT Developer, science and ham radio enthusiast

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