Here Is the Exact Video Filter That Created Lawyer Cat

You can use it today

Thomas Smith
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6 min readFeb 10, 2021


Screenshot courtesy of the author

When Texas lawyer Dan Ponton engaged a filter on his computer, mistakenly transforming himself into a cat while testifying remotely in front of a judge in the state’s 394th Judicial District, Debugger wasted no time jumping on the story.

I like a challenge, so naturally, I dove right in. We wanted to determine exactly which filter Ponton had used so that anyone who wanted to become a Zoom cat themselves could do so. My first thought — like everyone else — was that Ponton likely switched on a filter in the Zoom program itself. Zoom does have video filters, but a quick perusal revealed that they’re fairly basic. You can superimpose a halo on your head, but the cat filter was nowhere to be found.

My next thought was the Snap Camera app, which lets you apply Snapchat filters to your computer’s webcam feed in realtime. If you want to become a Lawyer Cat right now, Snap Camera is your best bet — it’s modern software that is easy to install and use, and it’s compatible with today’s webcams and third-party…