At Last, a Way To Watch YouTube at 3x, 4x, or Faster

Oh my god you people talk so slowly

“FAST”, by fhir.photograph

Drumming my fingers while I watch videos

I can’t remember the first time I noticed how much this bothered me. Probably a few years ago. I’d start watching an explainer, and within a few seconds find myself drumming my fingers in impatience. The video creator would be loping along, chatting at a leisurely, it’s-all-good-bruh pace, and after a few seconds I’d be like omg please please get to the point. I haven’t got all day here.

“Snail”, by Andy Powell

The joy of “Video Speed Controller”

For years, I’d developed neurotic habits to cope with my mania for speed.

“VCR Detail” by Petr Kratochvil

Why are video-watching tools stuck in 1979?

After I fell in love with this plug-in, I emailed Grigorik to find out why he made it. It turns out he’d had an experience similar to mine — he wanted to go faster than YouTube’s native controls would let him:

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