Meet the Man Getting Rich Off Viral TikTok Songs About Poop

Name poop songs are a big business

Thomas Smith
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7 min readMar 9, 2021


Matt Farley, a TikTok creator, poses for a selfie next to a toilet in his restroom.
Photo courtesy of Matt Farley

If you’ve used TikTok lately, you may have noticed a bizarre new meme: name poop songs. The popular app allows users to attach a short clip from nearly any song to their posts. In addition to current hits and classic songs from bands like the Beatles, TikTok’s music library contains something much stranger: personalized name poop songs. Thousands of them. The songs are the work of one man. And they’re earning him tens of thousands of dollars.

Name poop songs are simple. In each song, a man’s voice sings a name over and over, interspersed with the word “poop,” accompanied by original music from a variety of genres. There’s a name poop song for nearly every common name. In mid-2020, TikTok users started entering their own names and the word “poop” into the app’s music search engine, then filming themselves reacting or lip-syncing to their personal name poop song. The resulting videos quickly became a TikTok sensation. Several have received hundreds of thousands of views, and the craze has spread to other platforms. Celebrities including Charlie Puth and Billie Eilish have gotten in on the action.

Who’s behind these songs, and why would they possibly want to spend hundreds of hours singing about poop? Name poop songs are the brainchild of Matt Farley, one of the world’s most prolific musicians. In 2008, Farley made a strange discovery. When he uploaded original songs by his band Moes Haven to streaming services like Spotify, some of their music did okay. But if a song happened to have a popular keyword in its title, like a celebrity’s name, it performed far better and earned much more—on average, $2 to $8 per year in streaming revenue at the time—than the band’s other music.