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Why I hope that my favorite stylus will outlive the Galaxy Note

Source: Samsung

When Samsung introduced its first Galaxy Note, I was fascinated. It was 2011, and I was just a kid, and there was no way I could have asked my parents to buy it for me. But it was adorable nonetheless.

Especially the stylus that Samsung designed to fit perfectly into…

‘End of life’ messaging should be an industry standard

Photo: Apple

Just in time for the holidays, Apple has announced a new, expensive model of over-ear headphones. The AirPods Max are $549 and will start shipping on December 15.

For that money, you better be certain they’ll last a long time. In this regard, Apple has something of a mixed record…

The perfect device to cut down on your doomscrolling

Photo courtesy of the author.

Eight months into our eternal pandemic lockdown, my phone is keeping me up at night. More specifically, the doomscrolling on social media and news sites has become relentlessly addictive and difficult to look away from regardless of the hour—unless I physically separate myself from my phone.

After weeks of sleepless…

You can crash it with impunity

Images courtesy the author

I’ve always wanted to buy a drone, but I could never justify actually doing it. Professional drones, like those from DJI, are expensive. To use one for work (I’m a photographer), I’d have to get a complex license from the FAA.

I’ve also always assumed that if I bought a…

Why the Anker Nano is a decent third-party choice

The Anker PowerPort PD Nano. Image: Anker

I always thought that charging a phone, iPad, or Chromebook was straightforward, like fueling up a car. Pump in juice and you’re good to go. It turns out that chargers are much more complex than I thought. …

Stop looking for what you already have

Photo: Bagus Hernawan/Unsplash

Are you thinking of buying one of the latest iPhones? Do you already have an iPhone right now that works just fine? As philosopher Rumi says, “You wander from room to room, hunting for the diamond necklace that is already around your neck.”

What’s new this time around

Apple just released the iPhone 12 lineup…

A new processor isn’t all hype

Images: Apple

If you’ve been in the market for a laptop at any point in the last few years, you might have noticed that new ones aren’t all that different from what you’re already used to. …

The Keen2 wearable wants to train you to stop body-focused repetitive behaviors, but there’s little evidence to show that it works

Keen2 header Trichotillomania dermatillomania BFRB Smart Bracelet. Images: HabitAware

Body-focused repetitive behaviors, or BFRBs, are common, but massively under-studied, disorders in which people repeatedly touch their bodies in ways that can inadvertently cause physical pain and harm. People with trichotillomania, which is perhaps the most well-known BFRB, pull out their hair (on their head, their eyebrows, or their eyelashes)…

Or for $57 if you’re really cheap

Images courtesy the author

Almost overnight, nearly two-thirds of Americans have become impromptu TV presenters. Now, 57% of us use videoconferencing routinely, both for work and in our social lives. According to Inc, executives can easily spend 23 hours per week or more in video meetings. Looking good on video used to be important…

This is the first power bank that actually does what I want

Photos courtesy of the author

I love power banks.

I used to carry around a 26,800 mAh Anker power bank all the time, back when we went outside for extended periods of time. It weighed 20 ounces—more than a pound—but it was worth it.

The most annoying part of carrying around a power bank, though…


Every gadget has a story. A new publication from Medium about consumer technology.

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