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The Framework calls BS on years of terrible, wasteful computer design

Okay nerds: If you want to see the future of laptop design, check that video above.

It’s PCWorld’s teardown of the new Framework laptop. “Teardown” is actually an unfair word to use, because this laptop is designed to be easily — even sweetly — disassembled.

The laptop — Framework’s…

Tech Shortcuts for Life

Save money, reduce consumption, and support local businesses

Save As/Medium; Source: Getty Images

Tech Shortcuts for Life is a weekly column from Thomas Smith on Debugger exploring the apps, automation, gadgets, and other tech tricks that can make your life more efficient.

In 2019, my family and I challenged ourselves to reduce the amount of trash we threw away with the goal of…

An elegant solution for an issue that’s hard to stomach

Image Source: Pela / IndieGoGo

Global food waste is happening on an insane scale. In the United States alone, it’s estimated that food loss at the retail and consumer levels is around 31%. According to the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), there were 103 million tons (81.4 billion pounds) of food waste generated in…

The new Teracube 2e is a sustainable smartphone and a glimpse of a better future for accessories

The Teracube 2e, after a long trip to my mailbox from China, arrived in a simple, unadorned cardboard box. Photos courtesy of the author

Imagine the cheapest possible smartphone you can buy that’s brand new. Given that low barrier, what would you be able to do with it? Would the experience be frustrating or simply average? Would you gain some benefits with that minimalist sheen that you might not find otherwise?

I found myself…

Not everything needs a battery

Photo: Tom Fisk via Pexels

Anne Marie Green is a Right to Repair campaign associate for U.S. PIRG, an advocacy organization.

Even in an age of smart technology, some electronics are simply dumb. We cannot and should not consider everything with a lithium battery and an LCD screen a work of genius — or even…

Dear Omar

Take my dead batteries… please

Photo: Danilo Alvesd/Unsplash

It’s a nightmare where I’m drowning in a sea of dead and dying batteries. I am adrift in a pile of Duracells and Energizers and Evereadys and Rayovacs and Panasonics (do they still make those?), roiling together as a vast metallic sea. …

Though the company is making environmental advances, manufacturing new phones is still destructive

The new iPhone 12 Pro
The new iPhone 12 Pro. Credit: Apple

Apple’s new product lineup — four different models of iPhone 12, between the normal, “Pro,” and “Mini” variants — are rolling out starting this week. When they were announced during a customary press event, the company made sure to spotlight their environmental bona fides.

In a sleek two and a…

And what it says about the problems with trusting your smartphone camera

Photos courtesy the author

If you live on the West Coast and woke up yesterday morning to our aggressively orange, smoke-tinged, apocalypse sky, you may have thought “Wow, this needs to be on Instagram.

But when you stepped outside with your phone to capture some pics to scare your East Coast friends, you were…


Every gadget has a story. A new publication from Medium about consumer technology.

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