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The most recent breach is a stark reminder of the sorry state of our data

Illustration: Lance Ulanoff

Follow my rules and thank me later

Illustration courtesy of the author

It’s time to confront the tech industry’s data collection excesses

Photo: Jason Dent/Unsplash

Spoiler tags on social media could encourage a culture of courtesy

Frustrated young man using phone
Frustrated young man using phone
Photo: DjelicS/E+/Getty Images

Both Reddit and Discord, for example, have robust systems for tagging text, images, and…


And other things you can learn about yourself from the copious amount of data companies collect about you

Animation by Julia Moburg for Debugger


Photo: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

The policies of the most dominant social media network are stifling — and even worse for women

Photo illustration sources (Getty Images): Thinkstock; skodonnell

The athlete asked audiences how they’d feel about a respect button instead of a like button. It’s a good question.

Photo: Doug Pensinger/Getty Images

Reflecting on one of the first video games that felt like work

Image: Heidi Ponagai/Flickr

Google and Facebook’s ad business might not survive Amazon

Photo: NurPhoto/Getty Images

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