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Is mobile technology moving to an unsafe place for people like me?

Photo: SOPA Images/Getty Images

Tech Shortcuts for Life

Hack your brain for more energy and better sleep

Photo illustration by Julia Moburg for Debugger. Source: Artur Debat/Getty Images

Cleaning it may help it run better — and keep you healthy to boot

Photo: Natthawat/Getty Images

Dear Omar

I saw the light, but I can’t tell if it’s keeping me safe

Illustration source: PhoneSoap

Tech Shortcuts for Life

Data on your wrist is helpful, but always consult your doctor if you feel sick

Animation by Julia Moburg for Debugger

The complicated tech of vaccine appointments

Photo: Ridofranz/Getty Images

Looking for Covid-19 in unusual places

Photo: John Greim/LightRocket/Getty Images

The Muse S meditation headband provides data but not solutions

Muse S tracks brain activity, sleep, and more. Images: Muse S

The Keen2 wearable wants to train you to stop body-focused repetitive behaviors, but there’s little evidence to show that it works

Keen2 header Trichotillomania dermatillomania BFRB Smart Bracelet. Images: HabitAware

And maybe Covid-19, too

Image: Anass Bachar/EyeEm/Getty Images

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