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Apple’s new Bluetooth based tracker’s deceptively simple design hides impressive utility

An Apple AirTag. (Credit: Lance Ulanoff)

The DJI FPV Combo lets you fly the drone and be the drone

DJI’s new FPV Drone. Photos courtesy of the author

The OnePlus Nord N10 isn’t flashy and has its faults, but it is fun, peppy, and has excellent battery life

OnePlus Nord N10. Photos courtesy of the author

I took a walk with Shawn Mendes, and it was cool

Shawn Mendes and I embark on our audio workout. Photos courtesy of the author

I want you to write a product review

It’s a great all-day computer as long as it natively runs the apps you want to use

Photos: Owen Williams

Microsoft is all-in on ARM processors, and it’s serious about continuing to invest in them — which may spell trouble for Intel’s x86-based processors in the long run.

A new social network aims to be a safer place for marginalized communities

Image source: Telepath

The Pocketbook Color is a promising device, although it’s not flawless

Illustrations (unless noted): Rebekka Dunlap

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