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Every gadget has a story. A new publication from Medium about consumer technology.


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Apple brings some of its best audio features to a more affordable price point

AirPod (3rd Generation) (Credit: Lance Ulanoff)

A couple of years ago I upgraded to Apple’s AirPods Pro and I haven’t looked back. I love the soft-tip-enabled fit, noise cancellation, and audio. As one of AirPods’ earliest fans, I loved how Apple updated the design and technology to create next-level must-have in-ear audio. …

Oh my god you people talk so slowly

“FAST”, by fhir.photograph

I love watching instructional videos on YouTube. Last weekend, I used one to figure out how to replace the back tire on my bike. YouTube is fantastic for explainers where you really need to see something, and where a textual explanation isn’t as useful.

Indeed, the ease of shooting video…

Google Pixel 6 is breaking down image and language barriers

Google Pixel 6 and 6 Pro (Credit: Google)

With few exceptions, Google’s previous Pixel smartphone entries have been underwhelming compared to the leaps made by Apple and, especially, other Android competitors. I think it’s fair to say that changes today with the 6.2-inch Google Pixel 6 and the 6.7-inch flagship Google Pixel 6 Pro.

Aside from the bold…

Apple’s new M1 Pro and M1 Max put Intel on notice

Apple’s new MacBook Pro featuring the new M1 Pro or M1 Max (Credit: Apple)

There should be a word for finding the unexpected in unsurprising things. That would help me describe the feeling I had today when Apple revealed its next-generation Apple Silicon processor that almost everyone knew was coming.

The surprises were threefold. Let’s start with the minor one: Apple did not introduce…

A reflection on the company’s last modest release before it starts shooting for the stars

We’ve all heard the phrase “it’s the end of an era” to describe a departed co-worker or when moving out of an apartment. In tech, an era ending is very seldom lukewarm and rather bitter…

The best just keeps getting better

Apple Watch Series 7 (Credit: Lance Ulanoff)

I’ve considered making this a one sentence review: Apple Watch Series 7 has a new, larger display and it’s exquisite. …

Which OS is installed on your laptop? I’ll guess, Windows, OSX or maybe Chrome OS. But how about MS-DOS?

Let’s take a challenge and imagine that you have this machine from 1988.

Which by the way, had a $1,999 price — the value equivalent to $4,989 today. Can we do something useful on this laptop nowadays? Let’s figure it out.


At the end of the 80s the typical personal computer was looking like this:

Thoughts on inspiration and creation, 10 years after we lost Steve Jobs

I made this on a Mac.

That statement is pretty common these days. But there was a time I would have never imagined creating something on a computer. Sure, I had some friends type up one of my essays or a college application on their parents’ Compaq computer, the glowing…

Will Halo View earn its wings? The devil’s in the details.

The market for wearable fitness gadgets shows no sign of slowing down. The latest evidence of that is Amazon’s announcement that it’s introducing yet another fitness tracker. …

Excellent hardware and a brilliant screen enhance a fresh, new Windows 11 experience

Microsoft Surface Pro 8 (Credit: Lance Ulanoff)

Just because you’re a fan of something doesn’t mean you readily accept every new edition. Truth is, you love something for certain reasons and if those attributes change, you might fall out of love or at least feel lost.

Microsoft Surface Pro 8 is the most radically altered Surface Pro…


Every gadget has a story. A new publication from Medium about consumer technology.

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