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Blended in-person/virtual meetings, weddings, birthday parties, whisky tastings, and more

Westend61 via Getty Images

How video chat entered the uncanny valley of sociality in the pandemic

Photo: Fiordaliso/Getty Images

You can use it today

Screenshot courtesy of the author

And—perhaps most importantly—how to turn it off

Eliza Brooke for OneZero

The lessons I’ve learned in 2020 as a university professor

Photo: Sam Wasson/Stringer/Getty Images

Where will they end up?

The mall is forbidden, laps are unwelcome, and this year’s St. Nick memories will be virtual

SantaSnaps is one of many websites this year offering personalized video messages or Zoom calls with Santa Claus. Photo:

Or for $57 if you’re really cheap

Images courtesy the author

Look like a pro on video calls when it counts

All images courtesy of the author

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