Tech YouTubers Are Cashing In on Bogus ‘Problems,’ Like the MagSafe-Jeans Controversy

The lies gadget reviewers tell for clicks

Walid AO
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7 min readNov 17, 2020


Leather wallet with MagSafe. Screenshot: Apple

In October, Apple announced the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro and with them a new line of accessories called MagSafe. Apple’s MagSafe leather wallet has been getting heat ever since.

Many of the most popular YouTube video reviews are the same: Reviewers try to put their iPhones with the MagSafe wallet in their pockets, and the magnetically attached leather wallet falls off. MKBHD and MacRumors reviews are a prime example here. The tech reviewers agreed on one thing: Using the leather wallet with MagSafe will drive you mad because it will fall off your phone every time your phone moves toward your pocket — especially if you like wearing skinny jeans. As if no one in Apple tested the leather wallet with MagSafe with skinny jeans before the wallet was released.

Today I went to the Apple Store while wearing skinny jeans, and guess what? I put the phone with the MagSafe leather wallet case into my pocket and took it out of my pocket at least 20 times without the wallet falling off a single time. What was I doing differently, you may ask? I wasn’t intentionally trying to make the wallet fall off in pursuit of YouTube views.