This Bot Tells You When Elon Musk Tweets About Crypto

How a few lines of code turned my Trump bot into a Musk bot

Photo: Win McNamee/Getty Images

Four long years ago, I introduced a project to ridicule and exploit our ex-president’s irresponsible use of social media.

[Trump] really likes to use Twitter. He uses it to express strong opinions about all sorts of things. Occasionally, those opinions are targeted at publicly traded companies. You see where this is going.

Little did I know that a whole new level of irresponsibility would eventually get him suspended from the platform and bring about the end of the industrious Trump2Cash bot.

Luckily, there is someone ready to pick up where the two of them left off. Allow me to introduce you to Musk2Cash:

Etsy kinda loved this tweet.

The new bot is based on the very same principle: Catch any tweets about publicly traded companies and try to figure out which way the sentiment goes. In fact, the difference is only a few lines of code. Instead of looking at tweets from Donald all day, Musk2Cash spends its time reading Elon’s commentary on the world of cars, rockets, finance, and memes.

There is one new feature, and it has to do with the man’s love for blockchain technology. In addition to companies’ names, the bot now also recognizes any mentions of cryptocurrencies, such as bitcoin. It felt like an appropriate upgrade.

Wow. Such crypto. Very thumbs up.

This time around, the bot isn’t making any trades. It’s simply here as a public service for your entertainment. Just like before, please don’t mistake any of this for financial advice. Musk2Cash is still closer to an art project than an investment strategy.

Trump2Cash is dead. Long live Musk2Cash!

Inevitable technology. Now Robotics & Machine Learning at (Google) X.

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