What Is Jio, and Why Are Tech’s Biggest Players Suddenly Obsessed With It?

Google, Facebook, and Microsoft all want a slice of this tech pie

People on bicycle passes by a Jio store in Kolkata, India, 13 July, 2020. Photo: NurPhoto/Getty Images
Investments in Jio Platforms as of 15 July 2020. Image source: News 18 Creative

What is Reliance and how big is it?

Reliance’s latest financial stats show the company’s digital services catching up with its traditional cash cows in EBITDA. Source: Reliance

What is Jio?

Jio will go down in history as the company that brought tens of millions of Indians online for the first time.

Jio is more than just a telecom operator

List of domains that Jio has expanded to offers products and services in. Source: Reliance
Some of Jio’s mobile apps and services. Source: Reliance

What’s in store for Jio?

Jio’s next big venture

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