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Dear Omar

Not Everything Is Cheaper on Amazon

Honey, Rakuten, and Capital One shopping could help you find a better price

A tip scale with one box on each scale. The box on the left of the scale is labeled “Amazon” and the box on the right is labeled “Honey.” The scale is tipped toward the Amazon box. Above the image is the “Dear Omar” column name.
Photo illustration: Save As/Medium. Sources: Getty Images, WikiCommons.

Welcome to Dear Omar, a weekly Debugger column from tech expert Omar L. Gallaga. If you have questions for Omar, send them to with the subject line “Dear Omar.”




Debugger is a publication from Medium about consumer technology and gadgets.

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Omar L. Gallaga

Omar L. Gallaga

Tech culture writer and podcaster, now freelancing in Texas. Bylines: Washington Post, WSJ, CNN, NPR, Wired, Texas Monthly. Here for all your wordy needs.

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